We all know that when you put your home on the market, there are so many emotions that run through you! But, the one thing that can keep you up at night is how to make sure that home stays show-ready! First impressions of a home are important to those who may be buying a home, and can make up their mind about whether or not they are interested in your home within a minute or two.

Below, we've put down some of our thoughts to help you make a great first impression! 

1. Before a showing, be sure to open blinds, turn on lights and fans on low. This gives your home an inviting feeling and makes it feel light and bright! 

2. Natural, light, and fresh scents help leave an impression on potential buyers and who doesn't love the smell of a clean house!

3. In bathrooms, use your most fluffy towels. Try not use to use them so they stay clean. If it's necessary, be sure to replace with another fluffy towel of the same color. Fluffy towels are another way to showcase your home.

4. Be sure to keep your floors clean. You want to make sure that your carpets are vaccumed and tile or wood floors cleaned daily. If you feel that wood or tile floors need to be polished, you may want to consider doing this once a week, depending upon traffic on the floors.

5. Make sure that all dirty dishes are placed in the appropriate spot. Dishes in the dishwasher, and pots and pans are cleaned after use.

6. Having your beds made, with the pillows fluffed and bedspreads on and neat sets the bar high. Buyers like to see these small details, as it shows that you have great pride in home, especially in the room that you may use the most!

7. Personal items in bathrooms should be put away. The best way to do this is put them in cabinets or under the sink in a holder. This allows those items to have a "home" and can help you to keep that de-cluttered look.

8. When it comes to dirty clothes, be sure to put them in the appropriate spot right after wearing them. Make sure that if it's going in the clothes hamper, that the clothes hamper stays neat. You may also want to wash your clothes more often that you normally do. Once laundry is done, be sure to fold and put away immediately to prevent that cluttered effect.

9. Pack up those out of season clothes. This is a great idea, even if your home isn't on the market! This allows for those clothes that you won't be wearing to be out of sight and easier to move once your home sells! I recommend a small plastic tote for ease!

10. Don't be there when you potential buyers arrive or leave! You want those who visit your home to feel comfortable and be able to share their comments with their agents freely. This is a great opportunity to go see a movie, go shopping, eat lunch/dinner or have a snack or drink at a local eatery!

Of course, we don't promise that these tips will sell your home, but of course they can always help! 

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